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Springfield Missouri Senior Pictures, Portraits, and Photos By

Senior Pictures of Nicki Hodges 2014 Kickapoo High School

Springfield Missouri Senior Pictures - Springfield Missouri Senior Portraits, Pictures

I recently did a shoot with a senior girl Nicki Hodges she was very fun to work with and I was happy with the results! She is a senior at Kickapoo High School in Springfield Missouri and will graduate in the spring of 2014!

Nicki Hodges Senior Picture 2014 Kickapoo High School
This image above was taken near a small creek bed and a large tree trunk! She is wearing white jeans and cute sandals and a colorful top!
Nicki Hodges Senior Picture near Waterfall!
In the image above Nicki Poses near a small waterfall, she has such a pretty smile in this shot!
Nicki Hodges Senior Picture Springfield Missouri
In this image above Nicki is again sitting near a small creek for one of her senior pictures!
Nicki posing in field with tall grass at sunset!
In the image above Nicki is posing in a field of tall grass at sunset for her senior pictures 2014 Springfield Missouri!
Nicki Hodges Springfield Missouri Kickapoo High School Senior Portraits 2014
In the image above Nicki Hodges Springfield Missouri Kickapoo High School Senior Portraits 2014
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Senior Pictures of Jeremy Payne from Glendale High School

Springfield Missouri Senior Pictures - Springfield Missouri Senior Portraits, Pictures

Here is a set of pictures from a shoot I had with Jeremy Payne. Jeremy was fun to work with and seems to quite a talented guitar player. He played some tunes during our shoot. Tim was a senior at Glendale High School Class of 2012!

Jeremy Payne kneels in front of rail car for one of his senior pictures. Jeremy is a senior at Glendale High School!

Jeremy plays guitar during a 2012 Senior Photo, he is a senior at Glendale High School!

Jeremy Payne leans Brick Wall 2012 Senior Portrait

2012 Senior Pictures Springfield Missouri, Jeremy Payne

Jeremy Payne plays the guitar on the tracks for his 2012 Senior Portrait!

Last Updated on 30 July 2012

Sneak Peek Brookelyn Prier Senior Pictures Sparta Missouri Sparta,

Springfield Missouri Senior Pictures - Springfield Missouri Senior Portraits, Pictures

A sneak peek at Brookelyn Prier's 2012 Senior pictures, she attends Sparta High School in Sparta Missouri.  I shot her senior photos and did some family photos for her and her family. They were fun to work with and I was happy with many of the images we got in those two shoots. Here is some of my favorites from her senior portraits.

Brookleyn Prier, 2012 senior photos Sparta Missouri. She is wearing a white sundress and jean jacket with a cowboy hat.

Brookelyn Prier, 2012 senior photos Sparta Missouri. Taken in a railcar, she has a black blouse, jeans, and pink high heals on.

Brookelyn Prier, Sparta High School Cheerleader, 2012 senior photos!

Railroad tracks, 2012 Senior Photo Sparta Missouri, Brookelyn Prier!

Brookelyn Prier leans on hay bail for her one of her senior pictures! 2012 Senior Pictures Sparta Missouri!

Last Updated on 02 January 2012

Senior Portraits of Michael Baldus, Nixa Missouri

Springfield Missouri Senior Pictures - Springfield Missouri Senior Portraits, Pictures

A small sample of images from Michael Baldus's senior photo shoot.  Michael and his family invited me into their home to take pictures in and around their home.  Michael is a student at Nixa high school, I enjoyed the time I spent with his family and he was laid back and easy to work with.

Michael Baldus, 2012 senior photos Nixa Missouri. Grey suit coat, blue striped button up shirt, and blue jeans taken in front of the James River.

Michael Baldus, 2012 senior photos Nixa Missouri. Taken in front of a landscape of the James River Nixa Missouri!

Black and white image of Michael Baldus, 2012 senior photos Nixa Missouri.

2012 Senior Photo Nixa Missouri, Michael Baldus!

Michael Baldus, 2012 senior photos Nixa Missouri. Black and white image of Michael with his car!

Last Updated on 01 January 2012

Small Sample of Senior Portraits, Haley Frizzle, Parkview Springfield Mo

Springfield Missouri Senior Pictures - Springfield Missouri Senior Portraits, Pictures

Here is a sneak peek at set of pictures from a fun shoot I had with Haley Frizzle from Parkview High School. Haley was fun to work with and seems to be a very active member of her school. She is involved with student government and volleyball among other activities. These photos were taken outdoors and in the studio I hope you enjoy!

Haley Frizzle white hat, green moss background, green sweater vest, and white dress!

Haley Frizzle, white dress, brown boots, sits on stump in front of small creek and hillside during her Senior Photo Shoot 2012

Haley in the studio for one of her senior pictures! 2012, Parkview High School ,Springfield Missouri!

2012 Senior Pictures Springfield Missouri, Haley Frizzle, Parkview High School, Cute pose in front of a small waterfall!

Head Shot of Haley Frizzle Senior Pictures 2012!


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Welcome, glad you found us...

avatar is the official website for local Springfield Missouri Photographer Ben Nelson.  My photography is mainly focused on portraits, studio portraits, headshots, senior pictures, couples portraits, engagement photos, maternity, infants, children, fashion related photography, modeling photos and portfolios and much more.  Most of these photos are taken in our studio or on location around the Springfield Missouri and surrounding areas.  Our goal is to create a photo that you or your family or friends can keep for a lifetime.  Photography gives us that rare chance to capture a fleeting moment in time and hold onto it for the rest of our lives.  Let us capture that moment for you, with fair prices and even better quality. Call today to book your photo shoot session 417-860-6703.

What types of photos do we shoot

We can take portraits in our studio located here in Springfield Missouri, or we would be happy to come to you if needed.  Many clients prefer to take portraits outdoors at your favorite location or we know of several areas that are great for outdoor sessions.  We also specialize in headshots for business cards,  or for actor and actress headshots. With several colleges located near Springfield MO. including Missouri State University, Drury, and many more, professional headshots can give you the edge on some of the other students.  We also do photo shoots for models or aspiring models who are needing to start or update their modeling portfolio's these can include glamour shots, fashion, pinup, swimsuit, standard portraits and more, these can be shot in our studio here in Springfield Missouri or outdoors. And of course we do senior pictures that stand out from the rest, quality photos at a reasonable price taken in the studio or outdoors, Also Children, Babies, Maternity Pictures, Engagement Photos, Bridal Shoot, Couples Photos and many more styles. If you don't see the type of photographs you need listed here, just ask we can do it.

Photography And Memories

Photography is a stress free way to capture the beauty you find in the world, at any one moment in time. Those fleeting moments may never happen again in that particular way.  Think of a particular sunset that you remember as being gorgeous and once in a lifetime.  Now imagine if you had a high quality photo of that sunset and every time you looked at that photo it brought back certain memories. Perhaps you were on your first date with your future husband or wife.  Or maybe you were lying on the beach with your family on vacation.  Photography gives us a permanent memory of so many wonderful times in our lives.

Feel Good Photos

I love when I look at a certain photos and it makes me laugh or smile.  For example we have all seen the photos of our friends that we are dying to put on facebook because they are embarassing or funny.  Or maybe those special photos of our kids or familly that make us smile every time we see them.  Without photography this would not be possible.

Picture Time Machine

I was looking at some photos of myself and my family from about 7 years ago, and it amazed me how much younger I looked in the photos.  It makes you realize how fast our life on earth really passes and how we should enjoy every moment.  It took me back almost like a time machine, to those events that I took part in, most I have I not even thought of in years.  More than likely if it was not for those photos taking our mind back in time, we would forget a lot of special moments of our time here on earth.

Rewarded Photographer

It makes me really happy when I show one of my clients a photo I captured for them, and they just love it.  They ask how large they can get it printed and how quickly they can get it.  I dont get a chance to see how it looks on the wall most of the time, but knowing its there make me very rewarded.  Most of the photos we get blown up and hang on the wall will be a part of our family and yours for the rest of our lives and possibly end up in possession of our grandkids one day.  To think that I played a part in helping create a valuable family possesion is very exciting for me.

About Me

I was born in Phoenix Arizona and moved to Missouri when I was 2 years old with my parents.  I have lived in Springfield Missouri for most of my life, I went to Pershing and then Kickapoo High School and graduated in 1991.   I then continued my education with a degree in Business/Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University. Go Bears!!

At the end of college I met and later married a beautiful girl name Mandy Tonche and we have two awesome children one girl named Paige and one boy named Trevor, our house is always full of kids my wife loves to be surrounded by them.

Around 1999 I started a company named Inc and I have been doing that now for around 10 years. I have several great employees and the success of this company has given me more free time to entertain some of my favorite hobbies.  My main hobby at this time is Photography.  About 6-7 years ago I began to take an interest in photography, I have taken somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 pictures. Over the years I have begun to fine tune my skills in nature, landscapes, macro, portraits, and more.  I really enjoy photography and I am now doing it as a secondary profession, I am constantly striving to improve my photography skill and gain experience to learn all that I can.

I am located in Springfield Missouri, and I can photograph in the metro area of Springfield and up to 30-50 miles away.  I have a studio here in Springfield Missouri it's located at 5335 S Campbell Ave Suite B.  You can reach me at 417-860-6703 to book a session. Or you can email me at

Most of my photo sessions are done on evenings and weekends because I still have to run my company during the day.  But if there is something really important you need me to do during the day I can always make exceptions.

Photographers Service Area

We provide quality photography services with affordable prices to the Springfield Missouri area, and surrounding communities. Including Nixa, Ozark, Battlefield, Republic, Rogersville, Strafford, Marshfield, Fair Grove, Conway, Ash Grove, Buffalo, Lebanon, Branson, Forsyth, West Plains, Gainesville, Highlandville, Ava, Seymour, Greenfield, Miller, Morrisviille, Aldrich, Bolivar, Stockton, Miller, Cathage, Webb City, Marionville,  Purdy, Butterfield. If you don't see your city listed here and you are within a 1-2 hour drive from Springfield feel free to call and setup your appointment today.  We provide these areas with Senior pictures, Engagement photos, Couples Pictures, Family Portraits, Modeling Photos, Fashion shots and more. I can come to you or you come to us. We can do photos in the studio or outdoors at the location of your choice.  Many of these locations will require a small fee to cover gas, if you choose to have us come to you.  I understand that most smaller towns have photographers that cover those areas but why not branch out and try some photographers outside of your town to get something unique from the rest of your friends and neighbors.