Senior Pictures Springfield Missouri Senior Portraits, Photos, Pictures

Here is a small series of senior photos from a shoot I did with Tanicia Jenkins from Parkview High School class of 2013. These were taken at the Japanese Scroll Garden in Springfield Missouri by Ben Nelson. Here are a few of the photos that we liked.

Cute senior photo shot of Tanicia with black skirt and pink top with lace bow. Leaning against a tree with green grass and water in the background.

Outdoor senior picture of Tanicia with white shorts, orange top, high heeled platform shoes, in a nature setting.

Senior Portraits of Tanicia laying down on a small bridge with blue jean shorts and a blue top, cute pose.

Senior Picture with Tanicia wearing a black shirt and pink top, standing in the middle of some tall bamboo shoots.

Tanicia is wearing a black shirt and blue jeans in this senior photo, she is laying facing the camera on a small walking bridge.

This final photo was taken with Tanicia sitting on a small rock for this senior picture. Simple casual pose

Here is a set of pictures from a shoot I had with Jeremy Payne. Jeremy was fun to work with and seems to quite a talented guitar player. He played some tunes during our shoot. Tim was a senior at Glendale High School Class of 2012!

Jeremy Payne kneels in front of rail car for one of his senior pictures. Jeremy is a senior at Glendale High School!

Jeremy plays guitar during a 2012 Senior Photo, he is a senior at Glendale High School!

Jeremy Payne leans Brick Wall 2012 Senior Portrait

2012 Senior Pictures Springfield Missouri, Jeremy Payne

Jeremy Payne plays the guitar on the tracks for his 2012 Senior Portrait!

Here is a little sneak peek of Chelsea Batson's senior pictures some taken in the studio others taken outdoors, some in a small barn! She is a senior currently attending Nixa High School! I hope you like them!!

Headshot of Senior Chelsea Batson from Nixa High School

Chelsea Batson Senior Picture taken in the studio! Blue Background!

Studio Shot of Chelsea Batson senior picture, sitting on a stool!

Chelsea sitting in a bed of hay, wearing white dress taken during senior pictures!

Chelsea Batson Modeling shot! Cheetah print top and white shorts!

Chelsea Senior Photo, taken on steps of an old cabin, wearing white dress!

Here is a small set of pictures from a shoot I did with a sweet girl from Ozark Missouri class of 2012 Tess Langford. These were taken in Ozark Missouri, at Ozark Park and another local area with Here are a few of the photos that we liked.

Cute senior photo shot of Tess with her football jersey, and the wind blowing her hair with water and a bridge in the background

Close up senior picture photo of Tess and her little dog, very cute.

Orange blouse and blue jeans senior portrait, leaning against small tree with a nature scene in the background.

Senior picture of Tess in her formal dress, with a small walking bridge in the background.

This final photo was taken with Tess sitting on a small cement bench in a nature setting.

Here is a set of pictures from a great shoot I had with Timothy Watts. When I first met Tim I was a little intimidated because he is a pretty big guy but he turned out to be very easy going and fun to work with. He had a great sense of humor and made the shoot very smooth and easy. Tim was a senior at Ash Grove High School 2011!

Headshot of Timothy Watts from Nixa High School

Timothy Watts Poses on Rail Car 2011 Senior Photo!

Timothy Watts Leaning on Brick Wall 2011 Senior Portrait

2011 Senior Pictures Springfield Missouri, Timothy Watts

Black and White Senior Portrait 2011 Timothy Watts, Ash Grove Missouri