Senior Pictures of Nicki Hodges 2014 Kickapoo High School

I recently did a shoot with a senior girl Nicki Hodges she was very fun to work with and I was happy with the results! She is a senior at Kickapoo High School in Springfield Missouri and will graduate in the spring of 2014!

This image above was taken near a small creek bed and a large tree trunk! She is wearing white jeans and cute sandals and a colorful top!

In the image above Nicki Poses near a small waterfall, she has such a pretty smile in this shot!

In this image above Nicki is again sitting near a small creek for one of her senior pictures!

In the image above Nicki is posing in a field of tall grass at sunset for her senior pictures 2014 Springfield Missouri!

In the image above Nicki Hodges Springfield Missouri Kickapoo High School Senior Portraits 2014