Sneak Peek Brookelyn Prier Senior Pictures Sparta Missouri Sparta

A sneak peek at Brookelyn Prier's 2012 Senior pictures, she attends Sparta High School in Sparta Missouri. I shot her senior photos and did some family photos for her and her family. They were fun to work with and I was happy with many of the images we got in those two shoots. Here is some of my favorites from her senior portraits.

Brookleyn Prier, 2012 senior photos Sparta Missouri. She is wearing a white sundress and jean jacket with a cowboy hat.

Brookelyn Prier, 2012 senior photos Sparta Missouri. Taken in a railcar, she has a black blouse, jeans, and pink high heals on.

Brookelyn Prier, Sparta High School Cheerleader, 2012 senior photos!

Railroad tracks, 2012 Senior Photo Sparta Missouri, Brookelyn Prier!

Brookelyn Prier leans on hay bail for her one of her senior pictures! 2012 Senior Pictures Sparta Missouri!