Tess Langford Ozark Missouri Senior Picture Samples 2012

Here is a small set of pictures from a shoot I did with a sweet girl from Ozark Missouri class of 2012 Tess Langford. These were taken in Ozark Missouri, at Ozark Park and another local area with BenNelsonPics.com Here are a few of the photos that we liked.

Cute senior photo shot of Tess with her football jersey, and the wind blowing her hair with water and a bridge in the background

Close up senior picture photo of Tess and her little dog, very cute.

Orange blouse and blue jeans senior portrait, leaning against small tree with a nature scene in the background.

Senior picture of Tess in her formal dress, with a small walking bridge in the background.

This final photo was taken with Tess sitting on a small cement bench in a nature setting.